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Automatic bottle untangling machine for HHLP-X small round bottle

Use performance brief introduction HHLPB automatic bottle uniting machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries plastic flat bottle, plastic round bottle uniting process. Compared with the traditional directional screening method bottle sorting machine, the equipment can automatically do the reverse operation for the reverse bottle, so that the bottle sorting efficiency and production capacity are greatly improved. All the power sources on the equipment can be continuously variable speed, which is convenient for production with other equipment. In the process of bottle, the bottle only and stainless steel, silica gel, ultra high molecular polyethylene material contact, non-toxic, non-polluting. The whole process of bottle management is a clever mechanical action, without gas source, eliminating gas source pollution and gas source noise. its high

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Automatic bottle untangling machine for HHLP-X small round bottle




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