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Syrup oral liquid production linkage line

Usage and brief introduction: this linkage line is a full-automatic linkage line composed of HHGP bottle feeding machine (HHLP automatic bottle unscrewing machine), HHQX drum bottle washing machine, HHX oven, HHGP bottle feeding machine and HHGG high-speed filling and spinning (rolling) capping machine. The production line is suitable for oral liquid and syrup of pharmaceutical factory. After changing specifications, it is suitable for plastic bottles and glass bottles of 30-500ml. Features: for the bottle machine: storage bottle, bottle. Bottle washing machine: two water and one gas are adopted, the water nozzle extends into the bottle for cleaning, and intermittent water spraying is adopted (water is sprayed into the bottle, and the nozzle returns to the bottle mouth to suspend water spraying), which has the function of saving water. Oven: equipped with domestic

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Linkage line

Syrup oral liquid production linkage line


Vaccine production linkage line

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