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HHZ disc positioning type rotary capping machine

Application performance description: This machine is mainly suitable for different materials, different specifications of the opposite sex bottle cover, spin (rolling) cover operation. It is suitable for different cover types such as screw cover, anti-theft cover and press-in cover. With constant torque screw cap head, easy pressure adjustment. Reasonable and compact structure, easy to link with other equipment into a line. Optional dust cover. Features: 1. suitable for different bottle screw cap, rolling cap. 2. Suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles. 3. Low consumption, no pollution, no noise, no dead angle, easy to clean. Technical parameters: production capacity: 40~60 80~120 bottles/min production qualification rate: not less than 98% electricity

Product Classification:

Screw/roll capping machine

HHZ disc positioning type rotary capping machine




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