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HHQCX drum type ultrasonic bottle washing machine

Application performance description: This machine is mainly used for internal and external cleaning operations of round bottles or shoulder shaped bottles of 2-500ml various materials. First, there is ultrasonic rough washing, which is alternately washed by two water and one gas (tap water, ionized water, oil-free compressed air) to make the bottle reach the production process requirements, and the bottle can be initially dried. After modification, it can be used as an air washing machine, and the inside of the bottle is washed with oil-free compressed air, while the vacuum device sucks away dust particles. Technical parameters: production capacity: 40-60 80-120 bottles/min (depending on the specifications of the bottle) power supply: 220V,50HZ total power: 1.75KW main motor power:

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Bottle washing machine

HHQCX drum type ultrasonic bottle washing machine


HHQXL-II Vertical Air Washing Machine

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