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HHQXL-II Vertical Air Washing Machine

用途性能简介:本机主要用于2-500ml各种材质的圆形瓶或肩托异形瓶对内部用无油压缩空气吹洗,同时真空装置吸走尘粒。 技术参数:生产能力:40-60 80-120瓶/分电源:220V,50HZ总功率:1.5KW耗气量:15m3/h0.3-0.4MPa重量:300KG外形尺寸:2000×900×1700mm(可根据客户厂房设计)

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Bottle washing machine

HHQXL-II Vertical Air Washing Machine


HHXQL vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine

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