HHG-IIB eye drops filling capping machine

Brief introduction of application performance: according to the new edition of pharmacopoeia, it includes the function of automatic feeding and secondary competition. the machine can be used for filling by peristaltic pump or servo transmission sub-pump. the machine meets the new GMP requirements and is suitable for filling round and special-shaped eye drops bottles of 2-30ml various materials. Cosine acceleration cam transmission provides lifting of cap head, constant torque cap head and cap, touch screen computer full control. No bottle, no inner plug, no inner plug, no outer cover, with the advantages of accurate positioning, stable transmission, accurate measurement, simple operation, etc. Technical parameters: production capacity: 80-120 bottles/min for bottles:

HHGG-10 high speed filling and capping machine

Application performance brief introduction: this machine is mainly used for 50-500ml plastic bottles, glass bottles filling/rolling cap operation, double track into the bottle 10 pump filling, double head spin/rolling cap. The machine is suitable for syrup, large infusion and other large capacity liquid filling, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance. Technical parameters: production capacity: 80~120 bottles/min applicable specifications: 50-500ml filling accuracy: 2% filling head number: 10 capping head number: 2 production qualification rate:

HHG-I linear filling and capping machine

Application performance description: This machine is mainly used for 20-500ml plastic bottles, glass bottles filling spin (rolling) cap operation. Single head screw (roll) cap filled by 4 pumps. Stainless steel pumps can be added according to the output. The structure of the machine is suitable for filling liquids such as large infusions, syrups, and large capacities. The machine has simple structure, convenient maintenance and simple operation. Optional corresponding electrical configuration and dust cover. Technical parameters: production capacity: 40~60 bottles/min applicable specifications: 50-500ml (mold replacement) filling accuracy: 2% filling head number: 4 heads

HHG-II disc positioning type rotary capping machine

Usage and brief introduction: this machine is our company's traditional series of filling and sealing machine, mainly suitable for 20-500ml special-shaped bottle filling and sealing operations. Using disc positioning sub-filling, no foam, no overflow, stable performance, convenient maintenance, is the ideal equipment for liquid filling. Optional dust cover, no bottle no filling function. Technical parameters: production capacity: 20~50 bottles/min applicable specifications: 50-500ml production qualification rate: not less than 98% power supply: 220V,50Hz

HHG-I single head eye drops filling capping machine

Application performance introduction: This machine is mainly used for eye drops filling of 2-30ml round plastic bottles or round glass bottles. This machine is provided by a high-precision cam indexing mechanism to complete the positioning, plug and cover operations, and the cosine acceleration cam completes the lifting operation of the cap head. The constant torque capping head is used to screw the cap. Peristaltic pump filling or ceramic pump metering filling; Touch screen computer full control. It has the unique function of no bottle, no filling, no inner plug, no inner plug and no outer cover, and can be purchased with dust cover. Technical parameters: production capacity: 40-60 bottles/min for bottles: 2-30ml (special specifications) filling method:

HHGL10 oral liquid filling and capping machine

Application performance brief introduction: This machine is mainly used for filling and rolling cap of oral liquid and other small dose solution. The processes of bottle feeding, capping and capping are automatically completed by means of large pull-out plate filling, reciprocating rotary tracking filling and single-knife flexible rolling and capping. Its filling form can be equipped with glass pump, stainless steel pump, ceramic pump or peristaltic pump for filling according to user's requirements. Technical parameters: output: 10ml 250-300 bottles/min. applicable specifications: 5-15ml (mold replacement) number of filling heads: 12 cap heads:
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